Student Statements

Many of our students have been asked to provide statements or reflections about their time at the Alternative School. These statements are directly from the students and have not been edited or corrected. All names have been removed to protect the anonymity of the students:

  • The Alt School means everything to me. Without it I would never be able to graduate. Pam and all the staff really know how to make you feel like a family.

  • I came to the Alternative School my sophomore year. The regular high school was a wreck for me. I never got my work done, rarely showed up, and had no friends. I got made fun of almost everyday for my weight and how I dressed. My counselor told me about this place called Alternative and at first I really thought he was joking. Once I figured out he was serious and learned about it, I wanted to go immediately, I went for the tour the end of my freshman year and when I met Pam and saw the school, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. It’s my junior year now, second year at Alt. and I don’t ever wish to go back to the high school. We have smaller classes, so not as many people helped my anxiety tremendously. People here were way friendlier. They know what it was like to have it rough in school and at home. They treat you like family. Teachers here are not just your teachers. They are your friends and support group. They don’t only care about school. They want to make sure you are doing well too. Alt to me means safety – a place where I can come learn and be safe. It’s also a giant family full of laughter and love. I would not trade it for anything. It’s turned my high school experience from crap into something wonderful and memorable. If I stayed at the high school, I honestly probably would have dropped out but now I know I will make it through to graduation day.

  • Back in my other school, I felt very unwelcome and I was made fun of for being different and “weird.” I felt like I didn’t belong there. When I came to the Alternative School, it changed almost completely. I feel accepted and welcome here. I am not made fun of or looked down upon for my differences. If I went to the high school, I know for a fact I wouldn’t get the help that I need. I’ve become a much more social person and I’m not as anxious as I was before. I am so grateful I am able to be a part of this amazing program. I wish every school was like this so that every student like me no longer has to go through what I went through.

  • Being a student here at the Alternative School has changed my life for the better, not just for myself, but academically too. When I attended the high school, my grades were low and I was getting suspended/and an EDD weekly. I got accepted into the Alternative School my junior year and my growth is very noticeable. Looking at my transcript will show you the difference between my grades and the schooling. Teachers here understand our problems and let us vent, and then get back to work - unlike the high school. You get the white room. This place has helped me go on the path I need to, like motivation to get my work done in time. Fridays are our privilege. I am leaving at 11:00 with all my work done. The Alternative School is like a little family with our “teacher-parents”. We can joke around and have fun all at the same time while getting our stuff done. For starters, if I weren’t at this school, I wouldn’t be in school at all. This school allows me to be myself, which in regular schooling I can’t do because of bullying. I don’t think I would graduate without this school. They are patient and kind, unlike what I have experienced at other schools. It means that I am able to complete high school in a more comfortable and helpful environment. Being a student here has made me more motivated to graduate and do my best in school. Before becoming a student here I had no plans to go to college but now it is my biggest goal.

  • The Alternative School is an opportunity for success for many students. As many people know it’s a much smaller surroundings than a typical high school.

  • This school is very good for kids who need smaller surroundings and more of a one on one education. The teachers here are all great and helpful.